UDIVILA: Love Affair Between Art and Fashion

Books and movies have their place, but if you’re looking for a yearning, intense and sensual love story, there is no other than the love affair between art and fashion. Much like Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and Gustave Flaubert, the founders of the brand UDIVILA, being inspired by a long-standing love story, created the first pieces of their artsy fashion brand

Made in Armenia Udivila Brand

The sophisticated yet relaxed concept simply tries to tease out the art from fashion turning them into physical poetry. But there is no poem without a woman. One of the symbols of the brand is Mother Armenia, an iconic statue of a woman standing in the heart of Yerevan holding her sword ready to protect Armenia. Call it peace through strength or art through fashion, the statue and brand have a lot in common.

Made in Armenia Udivila Brand


UDIVILA promotes exclusivity and exclusivity creates identity. The brand translates its unique illustrations into exclusive patterns, each of them presenting utterly captivating stories. 

Made in Armenia Udivila Brand


Quality is the synonym of strong when it comes to fashion. After the first touch of the silk scarf and t-shirts or the first wear of the eyeglass chains, you will feel the strength of high-quality fabric and materials.

Made in Armenia Udivila Brand


The accessories are handmade, each piece designed with care and love. The founders have decided to make clothes and accessories they want to wear themselves adding all the details and elements they were always looking for.

Made in Armenia Udivila Brand


The vivid colors of the dramatic patterns made from scratch shout out about the personality of the wearer and the brand itself.

Udivila Founders


Astonished, right? That is what lies behind the meaning of the brand name: the purpose to surprise you.

Photo courtesy of Udivila


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