The Sci-Fi World of Fashion: Digital Street Style

The internet titles like “Authentic Balenciaga looks released in video game Fortnite”, “Louis Vuitton premieres “cutting-edge” bags with flexible screens” or “Black Panther’s Oscar-winning costumes include 3D-printed designs” make us think if the digital age of augmented and virtual reality shifted the dynamics in the fashion industry. The answer is that fashion has already undergone large-scale changes, fully accepted the digital transformation and welcomed the new era of digital fashion.

Balenciaga looks for Fortnite Game

While autumn is abuzz with photographers, celebrities and influencers and designers, some fashion designers are ready for another round of digital fashion live events. As the world is adapting to a digital era, we want to virtually take you to Milan Fashion Week and organize a so-called “digital street style catwalk”. As the trending Tik-Tok video featuring Saweetie once said, “Let’s Go”.

Before we start, we are suggesting turning on your favorite funky or deep house music as a background catwalk sound for the full experience.


Milan Streetstyle HAY-HAY

Masculinity predominates in women’s fashion, as we see menswear borrowed clothing in women’s everyday wardrobe. The oversized blazer is the ultimate fuss-free fashion statement that can be styled for casual, athleisure, semi-dressy, or dressy looks.

Sunglasses chains are proving to be the accessory update of 2021 since they are mostly used as jewelry with a functional bonus of holding your sunglasses. 

Milan Street Style HAY-HAY

This long-sleeved lamé turtleneck is a real statement. How to make lame outfits slinky, sensual, almost liquid-looking? Just wear lamé and bring back the nostalgic memories of the disco era..

We’ve rounded up all the reasons you need that the silk colorful pajama outfits are the best for rocking the look for any occasion.

One of the bold trends that came back to boost our confidence and give that confident look we all are striving for. The best thing with the chain necklaces is that they work well on either bare skin or layered over the clothing.

And, the signet ring that has been a staple piece of jewelry in the 19th century. Now in 2021, they’re one of our favorite revival trends.

So, now that you are well aware of the current fashion trends, why don’t you come and explore the wide range of collections from the emerging fashion designer at the HAY-HAY online concept store.

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