Lilith․Transformation Journey of Armenian Culture

What makes a house a home? Has this thought ever hit you? 

Home is not about a place, it is about the feeling, the atmosphere, the vibe. Home tells so much about the owner – each and every item describes us, our character and the mood, each belonging exposes our feelings and thoughts. 

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“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us” – this Winston Churchil’s famous quote nails it all about the process of creating a really cozy place that we want to return to and feel happy, the magic world of our own where we feel safe and sound. 

The process of decorating a home is so similar to dressing. Style is about visual beauty that surrounds us, you look beautiful and confident when the walls of your home are visually appealing too. Here at HAY-HAY we appreciate both – the beauty of fashion and the importance of home decoration. Both senses of style complement each other.

Lilith homeland scarves small

Lilith is a new brand at HAY-HAY, highlighting the importance of home decor and accessories. 

The team consists of Tatev, Mari, Lilit and Vergine – 4 sisters by blood and by heart. Tatev is in charge of the brand’s marketing, Mari is a source of creative production’s settings, Lilit is the creator and designer and Vergine is the brand’s  muse of creations and model.

What makes the brand unique is an exceptional sense of style while mixing different cultural components, like art, craft, language and “translating” those into modern pieces for home. Thus, the brand considers cultural transformation to be the main source of inspiration for them. 

Lilith homeland scarves small 2Lilith makes it possible to create the magic of our very own world at home with “magical” items they create. “Transformation journey” for Lilith has started from their own Armenian culture. They use different ethnic tales and poetry pieces for illustrations, Armenian tuff stone for home decor products, thus making each item interesting and meaningful by itself. 

The process of decorating a home is only about yourself. You are the one spending hours staring at a vase, or a painting, drinking morning coffee from that cup or reading a book on that very special sofa. 

lilith malkhasian design

Lilith’s products shape a deep connection with the creative inner self and easily integrate into your life due to honesty and vibrance that are considered to be the cornerstones of the brand’s concept.

Have a look at unique items created by Lilith and create the magic world of your own where you feel safe and sound.

All images courtesy of Lilit Malkhasyan

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