IAMC – Back To Roots With an Architectural Breath

There was a time when the kingdom of Armenia spanned from sea to sea, from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. This notion has become an inspiration for Mariam Arshakyan, an architect, a professor at Architectural University, who decided to found a jewelry brand, naming it IAMC.

iamc designs

IAMC aka I Am Sea has become an amazing symbol for evoking the traditions, going back to Armenian roots, but presenting the idea touched by modern influences and trendy concepts.

The brand was founded back in 2019, presenting jewelry and decor, each with a unique architectural breath. The founder, Mariam believes that IAMC was born to break the boundaries of what modern jewelry design can be. Each piece has a unique interpretation, standing as an embodiment of the entire brand.

Mariam Arshakyan IAMC

Mariam has managed to “play” with the architectural field, turning it into a special combo in terms of fashion and design, thus making each piece into a kind of a “handwritten” identity.  Authenticity and quality are the core missions of the brand. Mariam explains that a special approach from the side of architecture brought the items to a new level, expressing the exact mix of design, fashion, and artistry.


Made of the purest precious metals and showcasing exquisite craftsmanship items evoke a feeling of a nostalgic tradition, but also make a bold statement as a trendy piece to complete any look.

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