Fashion Show in Aarau

First International Armenian Art Festival and Fashion Show with Armenian Brands

HAY-HAY Fashion Show in Aarau

On 13 December, Armenian online concept store HAY-HAY held its first show in Switzerland. 

1st Edition of Armenian Art Experience Switzerland was held in the city Aarau – artistic outcome of a long and intense exchange with Armenian artists and scholars from different cities – Beirut, Paris, Yerevan, Los-Angeles, Barcelona, Jerusalem, Frankfurt, etc. One of the main goals of the project is to build bridges between Diaspora and Hayastan Armenians, and create more awareness for each other regarding cultural differences. 

The festival began with the dance performance and fashion show prepared by HAY-HAY concept store with the elements of clothes and accessories from Armenian brands.

Astghik, 17, German-Armenian, student

Christina, 19, Syrian, student

Armenian Art Experience Switzerland lasted for full 3 days, where people could witness performances from artists and dancers, visit exhibitions, workshops, pop-ups and concerts. List of participants featured Collectif Medz Bazar, brothers Saro and Aren Emirze, Sevana Tchakerian and others. Worth to mention that the fashion show was presented by non-professional models – girls of different age and background who walked the runway.

Kristina, 25, Russian, student/economist

Dominica, 28, Swiss, stylist/model

Lucine Ayanian, the founder HAY-HAY project, shared her opinion on the first fashion show presented in Switzerland that gave a wider perspective on contemporary Armenian fashion and design. “We wanted to show the way how you can mix designs from Armenian brands and wear them in everyday life. We intentionally made a casting call among regular girls to show the variety of outfits that can be worn by different women. People were curious to learn new design labels, and after the show some of the total outfits were even sold out.”

Amina, 23, Somali, pharmacy assistant

Alaa, 25, Egyptian, sales manager

HAY-HAY focuses on the uniqueness of Armenian design. The project helps young and established designers achieve recognition on the international market by making their creations available to people all over the world.

Tijana, 16, Serbian-Swiss, student/dancer

Laila, 15, Bosnian, student/dancer

HAY-HAY is a young but well-known shopping destination for Armenian designers from around the globe. It is the first online store of a kind to share a wide assortment of carefully selected items – clothes, accessories, and jewellery – from the best Armenian designers. To this day, over 40 designers from different regions, including the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Estonia, and Armenia: Z.G.Est, Artuyt, Anet’s Collection, IIIIT Sarkisian, LUSIN, Sinoain, Shabeeg, and many more.

Aline, 15, Swiss, student/dancer

Laura, 16, Albanian, retailer

Photo from the show by Kseniya Polishchuk
Creative Director: Lucine Ayanian
Assistant Arev Wollstein
Makeup Valentina Lokoska
Hair Dominica Worthington

Link to the festival: AANS

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