Everything You Need To Know About Tote Bags

Tote bag – the all time favorite must have item. But wait, what is a tote bag? Who is it for and why should every single person owe one? How has the item managed to stay permanently fashionable? 

A simple product that conquered the world. Tote bag has managed to become our bff that accompanies us wherever we go.

textile canvas tote bag

Let us start from the very beginning and define the word itself. Tote comes from German “Tüte” meaning “bag”. Large or oversized, often unfastened with parallele handles – this piece has become an inseparable part of our existence. 

Especially nowadays in the world of eco and sustainable fashion we witnessed the rebirth of tote bags. In the “new world” totes have turned into an eco-friendly replacement for plastic ones

But besides serving as reusable shopping bags, tote bags are a must have item for any occasion, as they can be combined almost with any style. 

Lilit Sarkisian tote bag

Lilit Sarkisian’s illustrated tote bag

The rebirth of the tote bags has become an eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic bags. Simple canvas, different fabrics, prints and patterns make each tote unique and personalized. 

The good news is we have a variety of totes at HAY-HAY.co

canvas tote bag with flowers

I’m Human tote bag with quotes

Nazan brand presents totes made of cotton canvas with traditional ornaments. I’m Human brand introduces a variety of totes with motivational quotes of social importance. Illustrated tote bags from Lilit Sarkisian remind of a piece of art. 

Check out for more and choose your tote bag and make it your bff. 

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