Everyday is Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March which started with a protest in New York City in 1908 where women went out onto the streets to demand the right to vote, shorter working hours and better pay.

But today, we are not going to talk about equality (it’s something we should always and forever work on) and not even the feminine nature and the role of a woman (it’s something which we should always and forever appreciate), but we are going to talk about a not less important topic which is self love.

Womens day HAY-HAY

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To move the needle for real change, for a peaceful world and inner balance, we all need to start from ourselves. And as we always strive to share our journey with you, we have rounded up with some mantras for self love and self care.

Mistakes are not scary

Whether it is a small fail or a bad decision, it is one of the valuable lessons we have in our learning experience lifetime course.

Trusting yourself is the key

Take a deep breath, trust yourself, take every opportunity life presents or create your own moment.

Womens day HAY-HAY

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Don’t put limitations on your feelings

A good laugh, pain, joy, boredom… Allow yourself to feel things fully and you’ll realise that there is a small joy in everything.

See beauty in simple things

The power is always in the simple things, be it a good shopping time with mom or a funny video of your dog. See the beauty as it’s next to you.

Womens day HAY-HAY

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Take care of yourself

It is just as simple as listening to what your heart wants. It can be an urge to go a shop online or to join a community you always wanted to. In both cases HAY-HAY is with you waiting for the journey of practising self love and following our passion together.

Let’s make a difference in our lives not only on March 8, but every day.

Womens day HAY-HAY

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