Essential Fall Looks

Getting dressed is a daily struggle, right? Especially, in fall, when it’s all about adding staples and layers. We decided to recommend multiple options with sophisticated details for any style and taste. HAY-HAY brings you trends with unique pieces from Armenian designers. It’s time to make them your own.

Look 1. Weekend casual

ZGEST trench coat; Shabeeg top & socks; KEMARSHY faux-leathe beret; Sheranik tote bag.

Look 2. Feminine Khaki

LOOM Weaving knitted vest; ZGEST green set; Anna Mirzoyan leather pouch; FRONT silver earrings; Inchkachka enamel pin.

Look 3. Bold Statement

f by Faina blazer & pants; Artuyt silk scarf; SOMA Jewellery plusch earrings; Anna Mirzoyan leather pouch.

Look 4. Doble C: cozy & comfy

Shabeeg denim jacket; IIIIT Sarkisian jersey dress & pins; TILKIAN beltbag; Baregamyan silver earrings.

Look 5. Sport Chic

f by Faina blazer & pants; Shabeeg sleeveless hoodie; Inga Xavier leather bag; KEMARSHY faux-leathe beret; SOMA Jewellery camouflage earrings

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