Dress Like You’re In Stranger Things

80’s aesthetics with all shapes and sizes. Out of many strange things happening during the TV series, we have spotted the 80s style and the greatest fashion trends. Fashion seems to be the only thing that doesn’t get lost throughout the show.

The inspiration behind the Stranger Things style is not only the iconic 80s but also the chic of effortless fashion. The characters were indeed the real example of how a basic wardrobe can show off your inner badass with an attitude.

The 80s was the antonym of the word “boring” and though we can’t name them all trends of the time, here is a round-up of our top favorites.



We have been talking a lot about blazers, not sure if it’s our team obsession or a simply best piece for additional confidence and self expression.

How To dress like TV-series Stranger Things


From the rise of denim fashion in 70s to the craze of denim looks in the 80s, jeans and denim jackes are the perfect match with the big poofy hair, even better than Tinder. There is nothing that a denim jacket couldn’t be paired with be it a dress or a pair of jeans you put on.

How To dress like TV-series Stranger Things


The color that gives the wearer to shine in a icy, spicy and military way is khaki. Not a usual mood but certainly a bold one.

How To dress like TV-series Stranger Things:


A spice that makes the dish mysteriously tasty, just like fashion prints featuring an endless array of unique designs.

How To dress like TV-series Stranger Things

Seems like stranger things are happening in our heads, huh? After all, this is a show that allows us travel though one fashion dimention to another with a free time machine ticket.

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