Dirartonian Ceramic Art

Have you ever dreamed of being a potter? What would you make? The art of ceramics is all about contradictions – easy to work with and difficult to create a masterpiece, having a strong and brutal appearance, fragile inside and out.

The process can calm one down, but you have to be emotional and passionate to permanently work with it.

We are happy to present a piece of real art at HAY-HAY, introducing Arevik Dirartonian’s ceramics. Every piece has its own identity, mood and vibe, beautifying everything around. The ceramics are decorated with old Armenian “daghdghan” ornament. 

Dirartonian ceramic art brand was founded in 2017 by two talented Armenian potters.

 «We try to preserve the old traditions and present them in a modern and trendy way, inputting positive energy in every item we make. Each and every item is made with love”, the founders state.   

Colorful and bright, with special ornaments to make your meal unique and space special. Add color to your day and orders your now at www.hay-hay.co .

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