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Երթամ քեզի համար խնձոր բերեմ to make this movie evening the sweetest one.

Many of us have heard about Armenian history and culture, but today we are going to talk about the true Armenian soul and everyday life through cinematography. 

If you are ready to travel through the Soviet Armenian times and have a real “deja view” or simply enjoy your movie night, then build a comfy fort and bring out your inner Armenian. 

The Soviet era in Armenian cinematography represented a glorious age. The first Armenian film studio Armenfilm or Հայֆիլմ was established in 1923 and produced a range of masterpieces. Today’s movie selection was a daunting challenge, but we love challenges and our list includes movies that will make you laugh even on the darkest days. So, why don’t you put on the outfits we have prepared for you from the Armenian movies and enjoy your day.

The men (1973)

A comedy about love and friendship. The true love of a taxi driver and his loyal friends’ journey will be an ideal choice for a movie night. 

A famous statue of the movie stands in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

f by Faina dress; Anet’s Collection clutch; Shabeeg ring; Socks’n’Roll socks

Men is a 1973 Armenian movie about love and friendship. Vazgen, Sako, Suren and Aram are taxi drivers and close friends. When Aram fell in hopeless love with Karine, other three decided to help their friend.

A piece of sky (1980)

A piece of sky is a movie about the love of a shy and honest Torik with Anjel – girl with the oldest occupation in the world. Movie is all about the power of love against society.

ZGEst dress; Inga Kazumyan earrings; LUSIN ring; Socks’n’Roll socks

A Piece of Sky is a 1980 Soviet comedy film directed by Henrik Malyan, based on Vahan Totovents’s story “Light Blue Flowers”.

The mechanics of happiness (1982)

A story of a young lonely woman with three children and an abundance of social problems who meets a humble engineer. 

Petoor jacket; Inga Xavier bag; Soor’s Jewellery earrings; Inga Kazumyan chain

“The Mechanics of Happiness” is a 1982 Armenian movie based on Manuk Mnatsakanyan’s novel “Motherhood”. 

The tango of our childhood (1985)

A movie about a woman with an extraordinary character, who tries to raise her children and win back her husband, who left family for another woman, after return from the war.

Platon ff top & skirt; Essa bag; Soor’s Jewellery earrings; Kemarshy beret

The Tango of Our Childhood is a 1985 Soviet-Armenian tragicomedy film written and directed by Albert Mkrtchyan and starring Frunzik Mkrtchyan and Galya Novents. 

After all, love always wins. So, go on, shop from our special HAY-HAY collection and conquer the world with your love.

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